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45 Park Place

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Argosy University, Digital

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Argosy University, Print

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The Astor

Client • Williams New York

Brief • Deliver all collateral using existing branding for a renovated apartment development called The Astor.

Concept • Whilst keeping in mind the vast history associated with this building, Williams NY wanted to bring in a hint of modern flair and apply it across all of its deliverables. The personality of the brand needed to speak to the modern gentleman and have a sense of upper class and luxury.

In Collaboration with Williams New York

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Client • Globaledit NYC – A premier workflow tool made for creatives.

Brief • Globaledit had established new branding & platform features and came to me to roll out the introductory elements. Initially we had to tackle two items first of the two was an introductory email which would then lead on to a landing page for more information. Keeping in mind that each deliverable had to closely follow the newly established brand guidelines and visual aesthetic, other elements were then created such as one sheet templates.

Concept • The concept for the whole campaign was to tease the viewer into wanting more. So giving them enough information without giving the whole new interface and branding away.

For additional information please visit, www.globaledit.com

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Client • A fund raising company, focused on helping new startups.

Brief • Wefunder wanted to create a certificate that their fundraisers would want to be proud of, allowing them to display it. The certificate itself had to be flexible and adaptable to each company that was being funded.

Concept • I created a grid system which had interchangeable elements, allowing the guys over at Wefunder to tailor each certificate to its recipient.

This project is still being developed and will soon be printed.

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UK Electrical Supplies.com

Client • UK Electrical Supplies.com

Brief • Deliver a cleaner more functional website to rival competitors, along with marketing elements such as email templates and flyer handouts.

Concept • The current design is far to compact with the use of a three column layout, this restricts breathability and narrows the main focus of the slideshow. Retail space is also minimised with the nav being located along the left hand side, only allowing featured products to be forced into 6 boxes in the central column.

The Main points will be to open up the landing page with the nav being located along the top, this will allow for an increase in selling space and make the website far more flexible. This layout will then transcend through the rest of the pages, keeping a geometric grid in place throughout.

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Avund Goods

Client • Avund Goods

Concept • “British & Scandinavian inspired luxury goods, designed and made to last the test of time”

For additional information please visit, avundgoods.com